• Common PR Firm Fee Structures

    If you’ve been considering hiring a PR firm in Toronto, chances are the cost is one of the foremost thoughts in your mind. Different PR companies will charge different fees based on a range of variables, but there are a handful of fee structures that you can expect to choose from. Here are the most common, to help you find the right Toronto PR firm for your needs. Retainers Much of the time, PR companies charge a retainer before they begin working on your account. A retainer is a fixed fee that is charged monthly or quarterly, and usually carried…

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  • 3 Keys to Public Relations Success in the Digital World

    The digital landscape has revolutionized the PR industry and has affected how companies brand themselves and has altered the expectations customers have regarding timeliness and accessibility from top brands. Any experienced PR agency in Toronto that is generating any buzz online for their clients is likely using the following three basic strategies.   #1: Developing and Maintaining a Strong Social Media Presence If you’re not using social media to reach your target demographic, you’re getting left behind in the dust. While many PR professionals hail Twitter as supreme, the reality is that not everybody uses the platform. According to the…

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