3 Keys to Public Relations Success in the Digital World

The digital landscape has revolutionized the PR industry and has affected how companies brand themselves and has altered the expectations customers have regarding timeliness and accessibility from top brands. Any experienced PR agency in Toronto that is generating any buzz online for their clients is likely using the following three basic strategies.

#1: Developing and Maintaining a Strong Social Media Presence

If you’re not using social media to reach your target demographic, you’re getting left behind in the dust. While many PR professionals hail Twitter as supreme, the reality is that not everybody uses the platform. According to the Pew Research Center, a 2015 study shows that 23% of all adult online users use Twitter, compared to 72% of adults who use Facebook.

A wise strategy for PR firms in Toronto would be to select two or three social media platforms that best reach your customers and have the ability to showcase your brand in the best light. Have a retail or highly visual type of company? Perhaps use Pinterest or Instagram. Whichever combination of platforms you decide to use, make sure you update your account regularly, at least once a week. Social media allows you to connect with customers and key influencers and develop two-way discussions.

#2: Analyzing and Responding to Feedback

Generating buzz is great, but what are you doing with all the newfound attention and information? With a plethora of software analytics out there to provide a PR agency in Toronto with more detailed information than is likely necessary, it’s important to develop a dedicated strategy and team to manage your online presence.

Look at the digital landscape as an opportunity to explore new avenues to conversion. What incentives can you provide to customers to entice them to keep coming back? With the instantaneous interactions available online, it’s vital to respond to customer responses and changes in the industry quickly.

With average attention spans of adults on par with (or less than) the average attention spans of goldfish, it’s crucial to cut through the clutter and capture your audience’s attention with a succinct message.

#3: Harnessing SEO

A solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is important to reach your exact target audience. Developing a list of your top keywords and using them consistently across all your marketing channels is a good way to associate your company with the keywords in the minds of your customers.

When coming up with an SEO plan, remember to strive to be a leader in your niche. You’ll never be all things to all people, so it’s best not to even embark down that road.

We’ve heard many horror stories of clients hiring outside agencies to improve their search engine rankings only to have their rankings take a nosedive, likely from ‘black hat’ tactics that the Google gods frown upon. Before you hire any outside agency, make sure you do your research first.

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