• The Need for Analytics and Reporting for a Media Buy

    The art of media buying includes many different variables that all need to come together to make it successful. One of these components is analytics, and although it occurs after the media buy has occurred, it will help determine if you were successful and how to proceed in the future. The Importance of Marketing Analytics In the world of marketing, there are many different channels to get the word out about your products, services and business. To the casual observer, it may seem like marketing agencies just blindly throw their clients’ marketing dollars wherever they feel might make a difference,…

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  • Information About the Practice of Newsjacking

    Savvy marketers and PR agencies are always looking for ways to get an edge when it comes to getting your brand out there in the public eye. A well-placed mention or story at just the right moment can keep a company or a brand top-of-mind and generate new leads or sales. One technique that is becoming more and more popular in the world of public relations is called newsjacking What Is Newsjacking? Newsjacking refers to the process of taking a real news story and adding your own ideas and thoughts, so your ideas are noticed. It is fast becoming a…

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  • Important Factors to Consider When Buying TV Ads

    TV ads are used to sell everything from automobiles to luxury vacations to breakfast cereal. It has been this way for decades and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. Any reputable media buyer in Toronto will consider television ads for their clients as they have substantial reach and universal appeal. If you are looking to buy TV ads to boost sales or brand awareness, here are a few important factors to consider. What Does Your Target Audience Watch? If you are going to create the most effective television ads possible, it is critical to know which programs and…

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  • Important Factors to Consider When Buying Radio Ads

    When it comes to media buying, the radio remains one of the most effective mediums to get your message across and attract new business. Even with all the other forms of media out there, radio ads pack a punch, and if you can find the right Toronto media buying agency to help, advertising on the radio is a great idea. Of course, throwing together some hastily written ads and buying space on any old radio station isn’t going to do. Here are some factors to consider that will point you in the right direction when buying radio ads.

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  • Common PR Firm Fee Structures

    If you’ve been considering hiring a PR firm in Toronto, chances are the cost is one of the foremost thoughts in your mind. Different PR companies will charge different fees based on a range of variables, but there are a handful of fee structures that you can expect to choose from. Here are the most common, to help you find the right Toronto PR firm for your needs. Retainers Much of the time, PR companies charge a retainer before they begin working on your account. A retainer is a fixed fee that is charged monthly or quarterly, and usually carried…

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