Crucial Points to Consider When Hiring a PR Agency in Toronto

Are you looking to hire a PR firm in Toronto, but are having difficulty sizing up the various agencies? Finding a PR agency that is the right fit and that understands your business and the brand you wish to be is crucial. After all, you wouldn’t spend good money on a pair of shoes that don’t properly support your feet, and that just aren’t your style.

Many people confuse a Toronto PR company with an advertising agency. The main difference between the two is that a public relations firm helps you generate or ‘earn’ media attention for your company in respected publications and online outlets rather than through paid advertisements. Most people meet paid advertisements with skepticism, but a few well-placed media mentions can help build your company’s reputation.

Here are a few important points to consider when sizing up a PR agency in Toronto:

Years of Experience

It takes time to develop experience, foster relationships and build a solid skill set in the PR world. There are no shortcuts here. If you’re considering hiring a relatively ‘green’ PR company because of their low cost, you take the risk of handing over your company’s image and name to people who are still learning to play the game.

Track Record

A reputable PR agency in Toronto will be proud to show off its success stories. Take the time to study past examples of companies who are in a similar industry or situation as yourself. It’s important to find out what ideas they have for promoting your business and then evaluate how this works with your own ideas.

Ask: “Do you have any references I can contact? Do you have experience working with similar companies in my industry?”


Whatever your budget may be, there are Toronto PR agencies to fit your needs. A good PR company should work to earn your business and trust and have a proven track record to back their costs.

Ask: “Is there a trial period so we can see if we’re a good fit? What can you do within my budget?”


Some PR agencies boast about the number of contacts they reach. While reaching a large number of people is important, it’s more important that they reach the right people — quality over quantity. If you’re promoting your tech startup business, it does little good to spam contacts in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Have they fostered and nurtured relationships with key journalists from various publications, or are they sending out mass impersonal emails?

Ask: “What is your method of contacting media?”


Turnaround time is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating a PR company in Toronto. In today’s digital world, timeliness is vital when managing crises, capitalizing on opportunities and disseminating information. A solid PR company can be reached around-the-clock to deal with any urgent issues that arise.

Ask: “What is your normal turnaround time when sending out press releases? Is there someone I can contact outside of normal business hours?”

Grey Smoke Advantage

Grey Smoke is a premier PR company in Toronto with a team of experienced ‘insiders’ including former media buyers and planners, public relations professionals and digital media experts. We are a PR company, and media buying agency rolled into one seamless package. We have the ability to leverage our industry contacts to offer you low-priced media buys and land your press on the first page of Google within two months.

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