Expand Your Digital Footprint

Many PR agencies today are in a bit of a panic. What was defined as “the media” has gone through more changes in the past two years, than the past 50.

A “PR Hit” used to be defined as coverage on Television, Print or Radio. Nowadays, “the news” has moved online & given rise to monetization strategies such as native content/advertorials.

The influencer has eclipsed the News Anchor as the source of fresh content.

Our team has a vast network of influencers and bloggers whose traffic and influence trumps some of the nation’s biggest radio and televisions stations.

We know how to package your business in a manner which gains mainstream coverage on online newspaper sites, social shares and backlinks on the web’s biggest blogs.

“An effective digital PR campaign can cost 50-80% less than traditional PR while providing greater reach.”

  • Promote across 1,000s of targeted blogs
  • Increase social shares organically
  • Gain backlinks on high authority website, improving SEO
  • Generate traffic from multiple sources
  • Build relationships w/ web clients



Reach a large target audience and gain brand awareness.


Gaining traction with influential bloggers helps build a strong reputation.

Local or Global:

Digital PR can help you reach audiences locally or globally & enter new markets.

Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks and content on high authority sites improves search results.

Measurable Results

Unlike traditional PR, it’s possible to measure and track effectiveness (traffic and conversions)