How to Select the Right Media Buyer for Your Company

In any reputable PR agency in Toronto, the media buyer is someone who is responsible for managing your paid advertisements on various media platforms. This includes helping you find outlets to reach your target market, negotiating prices on your behalf, and measuring your ad’s performance. It’s important to find a media buyer that understands your business model and has the experience and industry contacts to place ads for optimal performance.

With so many PR and media buying agencies in Toronto, how do you find a good media buyer? Here are a few tips on selecting the right media buyer for your business.

Determine the Level of Help Required

Before you begin interviewing various media buyers, it’s good to determine what exactly you need help with. Every PR company in Toronto is unique and offers different levels of service. So, if you require extensive help with planning an ad campaign from inception to post-launch, make sure your media buyer is willing and able to do so.

Willing to Customize their Services

A one-size-fits-all solution is often not feasible. Does the media buyer seem willing to customize a plan to fit your objectives within your budget? If you have a smaller budget, do they seem inclined to help you stay within budget?

Area of Expertise

If you’re looking to procure placements on traditional media such as television and radio, then an agency specializing in digital media likely won’t cut it. Find out whether your media buyer specializes in a particular area.

Track Record

Ask the media buyer for examples of past success stories. How have they helped other companies in similar situations as your own? What new ideas do they have to help you? Some media buyers specialize in certain industries or sizes of businesses.

Years of Experience

The expression, “Fake it ‘till you make it” just doesn’t work for a high-quality PR company in Toronto. It’s impossible to fake the insight gleaned from years of hard work, and it’s even harder to fake the number of insider contacts from various media outlets you build over the years. Unless you feel like taking a risk on a relative newcomer, it’s safer to go with an agency with at least a few years of experience under its belt.

Keeping Up with Changes

The PR industry is always evolving, particularly in the digital landscape. A great media buying agency will devote time and effort to keeping up with trends and new technologies. Have a chat with the media buyer about new platforms they’ve used lately and any upcoming trends they see happening in the near-future.

Measuring and Tracking Performance

It’s not enough to simply place an ad. Tracking statistics may seem boring, but the numbers don’t lie. Your media buyer should help you track statistics such as number of hits or visits to your website and rate of conversion as they’re important indicators of whether your ad campaign was a success or a dud.

Grey Smoke Media is a dynamic PR firm in Toronto comprised of PR professionals, media buyers and planners, and digital media experts. We use innovative strategies to get your company noticed fast.

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