Important Factors to Consider When Buying Radio Ads

When it comes to media buying, the radio remains one of the most effective mediums to get your message across and attract new business. Even with all the other forms of media out there, radio ads pack a punch, and if you can find the right Toronto media buying agency to help, advertising on the radio is a great idea.

Of course, throwing together some hastily written ads and buying space on any old radio station isn’t going to do. Here are some factors to consider that will point you in the right direction when buying radio ads.

Who are You Trying to Reach?

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying radio ads is nailing down your exact target audience. Like any other form of marketing, if you don’t know who you are speaking to, then your message will be lost. Things like age, gender, household income, musical tastes and family status should all be taken into consideration for the highest return on your investment.

Reach, Frequency and CPP

Once you have narrowed down who you are trying to reach, placing radio ads where the most people will hear them is your next consideration. A successful media buy also includes the frequency, or how often your target audience will hear your ads and the cost-per-point. This is a calculation that determines what it costs to reach one percent of your target audience. It helps as a comparison when trying to figure out which stations will be playing your ads.

Work within the Budget

The CPP, reach, and frequency are all affected by your overall budget. Your Toronto media buying agency must take all the numbers into consideration when buying radio ads for your company. The length of the ad is another element that is often affected by the budget. A standard radio spot is 60 seconds, but you can often shorten that length if necessary. Reputable media buying companies understand how to work within your budget and can negotiate the best rates.

Pick a Time Slot

It’s no secret that prime time slots for radio ads will cost more, but cheaper ads played in the middle of the night that none of your prospective customers will hear are of no value. This is where a good Toronto media buying agency can guide you and help determine when your ad needs to play to get the best return.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

Having tangible goals for your radio ads is yet another consideration. Obviously, your overall goal is to increase sales or boost conversions or get more traffic, but things like sponsoring local events or news segments can also get your name out there, and that’s where a media buying company can help.

Keep Track of the Results

Analytics is a huge part of modern day marketing, and tracking the results of your radio ads is crucial. Without measuring the results, you won’t know if all your hard work is really paying off. If you are thinking of buying radio ads to help reach prospects and boost your sales, leave your media buying tasks to Grey Smoke Media for optimum results.

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