Important PR Tips for Startups

When you’re struggling to get your fledgling business off the ground, you may not have the people-power, nor the budget to launch a full blown PR blitz courtesy of a PR agency in Toronto. That doesn’t mean that you can’t generate good buzz. Here are a few savvy PR tips on getting your startup noticed by the right people.

Create an Identity

Before you go hunting for news outlets, it’s important to establish your identity. What does your company stand for, what’s your company culture, and what makes you unique? Most startups have an interesting story of how it all began so be sure to iron out the details and be consistent when sharing your story.

Can you sum up your company and what you do in a few sentences? This is called a boilerplate and can be used over and over again in press releases and other marketing material.

Find the Right People to Spread the Word

When you’re new on the scene, it’s a good practice to seek out publications and outlets that cover your industry, whether it’s newspapers, magazines or digital publications. Do your research and identify specific journalists from your desired media outlets. If you’re too fresh on the scene to know any, a seasoned PR firm in Toronto can help.

Develop a Tailored Pitch that is Newsworthy

While press releases may be ideal for sharing actual relevant breaking news, many companies have overused press releases to announce things nobody really cares about. Unless you have ground-breaking news, nowadays, most journalists just want interesting, shareable stories.

So you need to develop an interesting, newsworthy pitch. Instead of talking about how great your company is, share your knowledge and expertise by providing useful information. For example, if you’re a cosmetics company that uses all-natural ingredients, you could talk about the most harmful chemicals found in lipstick, or about what the natural ingredients in your products do.

Using facts and figures can help create a more memorable message. For example, “Our company has saved 8,000 trees by using recycled packaging materials.” Also, consider the timing. Are there current events that make your pitch more relevant?

The Power of Visuals

Whether you use photos, videos, illustrations or infographics, the power of visuals in marketing your brand can’t be overstated. One of the compelling reasons why you should use visuals across all your marketing channels is because attention spans are shrinking, and images can convey a message quickly and effectively.

This is particularly true when it comes to digital messages. Numerous studies show that most people don’t fully read a web page or blog post — they skim. A study by the Nelson Norman Group shows that the average web user reads at most only 28% of the words. Infographics which combine short facts and images can help you stand out.

Build Your Credibility

Customers will trust your brand more if you position yourself as an expert. There are a few websites such as HARO where you can become a source expert and help answer questions from journalists. You’ll then get mentioned in a story, and voila – great media coverage.

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