Information About the Practice of Newsjacking

Savvy marketers and PR agencies are always looking for ways to get an edge when it comes to getting your brand out there in the public eye. A well-placed mention or story at just the right moment can keep a company or a brand top-of-mind and generate new leads or sales.

One technique that is becoming more and more popular in the world of public relations is called newsjacking

What Is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking refers to the process of taking a real news story and adding your own ideas and thoughts, so your ideas are noticed. It is fast becoming a trend in public relations and has been used many times to draw attention to something that had absolutely nothing to do with the original story.

An expert PR agency in Toronto can weave its client’s promotions or products into the story to capitalize on something that is topical and top of mind on any given day. The online world makes newsjacking easier than ever, because there is a multitude of channels that report real news stories as they happen.

As a PR company in Toronto scans through Twitter, various blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Google news, they are bound to find golden nuggets that will work perfectly for newsjacking. These days, it’s usually easy to find the basic information about any story (who, what, where, when, why) and often, that’s all you really need. The main story can be reported in the first paragraph, with your own content about a promotion, media alert or product launch in the second.

Some Real-Life Examples

It’s always easier to grasp these concepts with some real world examples. One involves Kate Winslett and a vacation at Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean vacation home. As the story goes, there was a fire at the home and Winslett rescued Branson’s mother. The London Fire Brigade jacked the story by offering Winslett firefighter training and drawing attention to themselves.

In another example, the show Marketwatch used characters from The Walking Dead to deliver business management lessons. The show was at the height of its popularity, and using the characters added some much-needed excitement to an otherwise boring topic.

How Can I Benefit from Newsjacking?

The art of newsjacking should always be carried out by an experienced PR company, whenever possible. Just because you are using a piece of topical information to help deliver your own message doesn’t mean you will always hit the bull’s eye. A high-quality Toronto PR agency has the experience and manpower to find just the right news story to help get your message across to the right audience at the right time. For more information on this effective public relations technique, contact Grey Smoke Media today.

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