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Hire a Law Firm SEO Agency To Boost Your Practice’s Rankings

It is well-known that search engine optimization, or SEO, can help websites boost their online presence by ranking high on search results. Business websites rely heavily on link building and other SEO efforts to increase sales.

Even law firm marketing relies on SEO campaigns to become successful through organic search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, some attorneys need help with law firm SEO and ranking as high as possible on search result pages or SERPs.

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This is why attorneys and law firm website owners often consult digital marketing and SEO experts to help them figure out the Google algorithm. While website design is crucial to establishing your law firm’s brand, SEO is critical for making your website the most visible to your target audience.

SEO experts can significantly help you generate long-term brand awareness and expand your target demographic for your legal practice. As a result, your law firm is more likely to gain more clients and referrals quicker and draw more revenue.

Aside from improving brand awareness and potentially increasing revenue, working with an SEO agency has a plethora of other advantages. These advantages include the following:

  • Boost your website’s credibility or domain authority
  • Lower costs compared to different marketing strategies and paid advertisements
  • Content marketing support
  • Maximization of PPC campaigns
  • Improvements in user engagement rates

Online search engines dictate how websites and businesses succeed because almost every demographic looks for products and services on these platforms. The statistics indicate that Google search occupies 84.08 percent of the worldwide search market, Bing occupies 9 percent, and Yahoo occupies 2.55 percent.

If your law firm wants to gain relevance and thrive, your website needs to rank high in SERPs. Even if you have the best law firm in your practice area, without the right SEO or marketing agency, it could be overlooked by users.

Grey Smoke Media is one of the best law firm SEO companies. The agency provides an excellent search engine optimization service that boasts a retention rate that exceeds 90 percent for SEO clients. Grey Smoke Media offers other marketing services, such as digital discourse marketing, marketing and communications consulting, and media buying.

Companies Trust Grey Smoke Media

“Truly in their own league. Out of the box thinkers who got us big, international media hits within 8 weeks of engagement.”

Law Firm SEO Explained

Law firm SEO refers to the process of optimizing a law firm or attorney’s web pages for search engines. The goals of optimizing these web pages for search engines are to boost their visibility to potential clients and enhance their organic search ranking.

The process entails optimizing various elements on a specific website that caters to its target demographic. These elements include metadata, technical SEO structure and metrics, and content.

Optimizing these elements improves your website’s chances of ranking high for relevant keywords and boosts its appeal to search engines.

The purpose of law firm SEO services in the legal industry is ultimately to increase revenue for every firm through search engine marketing. This is accomplished by driving more organic traffic and high-quality content to the website.

Law firm SEO is more than just a one-shot solution. Instead, it is an ongoing process that needs constant attention and updates to be effective. This is why many law firms choose to work with Grey Smoke Media for their premium search engine optimization and SEO experts.

How Legal SEO Works

The most common question law firms and attorneys ask when contemplating a new SEO campaign is, “how long until we see results?” While the question is relatively simple, it contains a plethora of variables that are constantly evolving and changing. These variables make it nearly impossible to give that question one definitive answer.

For starters, beginning a new SEO campaign requires a monumental amount of upfront research, which can take several months right off the bat. This research is for assessing the current situation of a law firm, determining the goals it needs to achieve, and organizing the initial SEO strategy.

Once the more technical SEO work starts, it still takes time for the SEO campaign to generate traction and show results for the law firm. Organic search results are integral to an SEO campaign’s success, which is why they take time to obtain. However, this is not an all-encompassing fact since quality content always gains traffic, provided it is fresh and relevant to the user.

Multichannel methods provide results to law firms while their website is in the process of acquiring organic rankings. These multichannel methods include content development and promotion, pay-per-click or PPC advertising, and other offline and online marketing activities.

The legal marketing industry is competitive by nature and can often be a time-consuming process. With Grey Smoke Media, however, you can expect to see noticeable changes within the first year.

Grey Smoke Media
in the Press

Jordan Whelan, a spokesperson for Diamond Lawyers and president of public relations agency Grey Smoke Media, told the Star Thursday night that “after consulting with counsel, we will be appealing the decision.”

Having worked with many brands in Canada, however, Jordan Whelan, president of Toronto-based Grey Smoke Media, doubts that his clients would embrace a programmatic exchange for podcast ads.
“Media buyers and marketing companies don’t want to stray from what’s working,” he said. As a media buyer for major Canadian brands, Whelan said that many are skeptical compared to similar media, such as radio.

I spoke to Jordan Whelan, Toronto Media Buyer at Grey Smoke Media and client of mine, who builds customized media campaigns. According to him, “ I’ve tested campaigns on Twitter that received more clicks but resulted in low conversions. Facebook capitalized on user psychology in a way that reached your target customer, despite the higher CPC.”

Featured in The Toronto Star

“‘We’ll get a client a media hit in a major news outlet and then also parlay that into getting them on page one of Google,’ he says, collaborating with search-engine-optimization experts in tandem.”

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Political clients (say John Tory for Mayor campaign) and leading law firms, including Personal Injury
Powerhouse and Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, trust Grey Smoke Media.

The Efficacy of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Search engines give ratings for organizations and businesses that customers and clients review when using their platform. Potential clients and consumers execute significant searches that contribute to local results from smartphones and other mobile devices.

Reviews strongly align with the ratings for local searches. These make them increasingly critical to all businesses with an online presence, including law firms. As mentioned, Google is the leading search engine in terms of volume. Google is also the most popular search engine worldwide. This makes Google Reviews and Google My Business critically crucial to the success of law firms.

The Efficacy of Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers
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This is because Google takes up most of the market share across every platform, regardless of whether you analyze the numbers monthly or annually. Even mobile devices are not immune to Google’s domination of the mobile search market. The studies on the mobile search market from October 2012 to 2022 state that Google has occupied 93.6 percent of the mobile search market. Those numbers only account for the United States.

As mentioned, appearing on or close to the top of the first page is critical to increasing website visits because this opens many opportunities to gain more potential client contacts. As with most businesses, it all boils down to a numbers game. The more engagements you have with prospective clients, the more opportunities for new business for your legal practice.

While Google dominates the search engine market, optimizing for other search engines is crucial. Luckily, other search engines follow suit when a business optimizes for Google. Other search engines like DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing have varying traffic quantities, various user niches, and, more importantly, less competition. Other great examples of search engines with niche users include, Reddit, and Wolfram Alpha.

Bing is currently the second most popular search engine worldwide outside of Google, with most of its user base comprising an older demographic. This is typical because older users often do not change their browser, which means they keep the default operating system browser. For Windows, it is Microsoft Edge, and for Mac, it is Safari.

It is easier to optimize for Bing because they cater to an older demographic that typically has more spending power. The only caveat is the longer turnaround times. Additionally, Bing has a more straightforward and less complicated process regarding ranking factors than Google.

Which practice areas benefit from law firm SEO?

The short answer is every practice area benefits from search engine optimization for law firms. Some practice areas benefit more than others. The most notable and frequent beneficiaries of SEO services are criminal defense, employment law, family law, and personal injury (especially malpractice).

The primary reason nearly every practice area benefits from SEO services goes back to its common target demographic: people looking for legal services. Nowadays, virtually everyone needing legal services searches for it on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you are still unsure if your practice area will benefit from SEO, contact Grey Smoke Media today for a consultation.

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Benefits of SEO Agencies for Law Firms Explained

Search engine optimization plays a vital part in the success of many marketing strategies for businesses. This fact is especially true for law firms, and here are some of the reasons why:

Improved Online Presence and Visibility

Starting with the most obvious benefit, a properly optimized website has a greater chance of ranking higher in SERPs than others. This makes it more visible to consumers and potential clients who need legal representation or services. As mentioned, the more consumers your law firm engages, the more revenue your firm can generate. 

Increase in High-quality Cases

A steady flow of new clients and cases is vital for any law firm to have stable revenue. However, it is equally crucial for those leads to be high-quality. An SEO company can help your website reach the top of search engine results pages, which increases the chances of attracting high-quality leads.

Boosted Credibility or Domain Authority

While online visibility is a massive advantage for law firms, it means nothing if they lack credibility. This is why ranking high in search engines is critical: it increases a law firm’s credibility and domain authority. 

Cost Efficiency

Compared to traditional marketing services and forms of advertising, search engine optimization is significantly more cost-effective. This is because it enables law firms to reach their target demographic actively looking for legal representation.

Long-lasting results

Not only is paid advertising expensive, but it also stops once the budget depletes and only sometimes provides long-term results. Since search engine optimization deals in quality content creation and link building, it offers longer-lasting results for marketing efforts. 

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Hiring a Law Firm SEO Agency

Incorporating SEO for your law firm entails making significant changes to your website. These involve taking measures that include link building, regular audits, and local SEO. These changes focus on making your website appear as authoritative as possible to search engine crawlers.

If your law firm’s SEO is on point, it will be more valuable and relevant to search engine crawlers like GoogleBot, BingBot, and DuckDuckBot. As a result, search engines are more likely to prioritize your content over others attempting to get higher search engine rankings. The higher your law firm website ranks on SERP, the more visible it will be to potential visitors compared to other law firm websites.

Search engine optimization can come in different forms depending on the industry. In the travel industry, for example, their SEO campaign relies heavily on local SEO to assist travelers in searching a specific area.

For law firms, hiring an agency with expertise in law firm SEO campaigns is critical. At Grey Smoke Media, their clients top the ranks for thousands of keywords. These include the most competitive niches, including auto insurance and personal injury lawyers, making Grey Smoke Media one of the best SEO experts for law firms.

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elite class”

Typical SEO Service Requirements for Law Firm Websites

There are a plethora of factors that contribute to your law firm website ranking high in search results pages. There are also plenty of cost-efficient SEO strategies you can utilize to reach the top rankings on valuable search engine results pages.

Here are the standard SEO services you should look for before hiring an SEO expert or agency:

  • Social Media Marketing – Internet marketing that utilizes social media applications as marketing tools. 
  • Local SEO – An SEO strategy that helps businesses establish an online presence on Google local search results.
  • Pay-Per-Click or PPC – An internet advertising model where the publisher collects payment from the advertiser for every click made on an advertisement link. 
  • Content Marketing – A marketing strategy that involves stimulating interest through creating and sharing online content. Examples of content marketing include social media posts, blogs, and videos. 
  • Keyword Research – The process of researching popularly used search terms on search engines that can be inserted strategically into content.

It also helps to consider your website’s design since the user experience significantly influences your conversion rate. If your projections show a downtrend in conversion rates, it may be a result of a poor or outdated design.

Most visitors and web designers alike will agree that the core of the website design process lies in the content. Gray Smoke Media can help develop your website’s content, which will significantly improve the design and, by extension, the overall user experience.

Additionally, Grey Smoke Media uses a combination of strategies to put attorneys and law firms on the map through SERPs. These SEO strategies have two distinct categories: on-site and off-site SEO strategies.

On-site SEO Strategies

In some iterations, On-site SEO is also referred to as “On-page SEO.” As the name suggests, On-site SEO entails optimizing your blogs and website as the principal media for content marketing. On-site SEO strategies deal with ensuring that the user experience is relevant and adds value through the content on each page.

When creating the content for these pages, Grey Smoke Media always ensures to incorporate the following:

  • Title Tags – An HTML element that specifies the title of a web page
  • Headings – The heading acts as an information guide for the search engine bots
  • Alt text – Alternative (Alt) Text functions as a means to convey the “why” of the image in relation to the content of the webpage
  • Links to Authoritative Sources – Authority links are links from websites that have established a substantial degree of trust and authority with search engines

Off-site SEO Strategies

Off-site SEO or Off-page SEO strategies focus on the improvement of domain authority. Domain authority, as the phrase implies, indicates the level of authority your website has in a specific field. In this case, this is legal practice and whatever sub-category of the law your firm specializes in, whether it is corporate, family, or personal injury law.

Off-site SEO strategies boost your website’s online presence and establish its credibility among searchers through guest posting.

Essentially, On-site SEO strategies require optimizing your website’s content for search engines. On the other hand, Off-site SEO strategies incorporate link-building strategies that contribute the necessary number of good-quality backlinks to your website.

These link-building strategies include the following:

  • Guest Blogging or Posting – The practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog to build authority, relationships, exposure, and backlinks
  • Social Media Management – Social media management involves posting and optimizing content for social networks
  • Adding Internal Links – Internal linking helps communicate to web crawlers what pages are the most essential, second most important, and least important on your website
  • Influencer Marketing – Presents time and cost-efficient opportunities that can increase traffic, quality backlinks, and strengthen trust between your customers and brand

Our Testimonials

“Grey Smoke Media is exceptional and in a league of its own. Jordan has played a pivotal role in our explosive growth over the past decade. His raw creativity is inspiring.”

Jeremy Diamond
Senior Partner,Diamond and Diamond Lawyers

“Grey Smoke Media took me from 50 keywords on page one to over 250, more than doubling my traffic, in just 8 months. They are more than an agency. They are a business partner that I can depend on at 10pm on a Sunday. Their work is beyond reproach.

Barry Nussbaum
Owner of Nussbaum Family Law

“In short, Grey Smoke Media is outstanding. We came to them with a reputation management problem that two other agencies failed to solve and they had a custom plan to us in 24 hours. They played an enormous role in our 2021 revenue rebound and we are forever grateful.”

publicly traded pharmaceutical company

“Fantastic work”

Thomas Grajek
Criminal Defense Attorney

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We have secured links for our clients on some of the largest media outlets in the world. This marriage of traditional PR outreach and SEO has resulted in an indisputable and inimitable advantage for our clients.

When To Look for an SEO Agency for Your Law Firm

While it is practically a requirement to have an SEO campaign for your law practice to succeed, hiring an agency is optional. It is not unheard of for some law firms to facilitate their own SEO campaign and strategies.

However, doing it yourself takes a considerable amount of time, technical expertise, and tedious amounts of research right off the bat. While your initial impression is that you are cutting costs by handling SEO yourself, it could cost you more.

Keep in mind that the time and effort you spend on your SEO campaign without any assistance will affect your conversion rate. This means that saving on costs today could mean losing money tomorrow due to mistakes made in the SEO campaign.

These mistakes include publishing low-quality or outdated content, lack of optimization for mobile, lack of knowledge concerning Google’s algorithm, and many more. This is why most successful law firms and attorneys rely on SEO agencies for their marketing efforts.

Professional SEO agencies like Grey Smoke Media have years of experience in optimizing your website for search engines. Not only does their expertise in the field ensure they get the job done right, but they can also get it done more efficiently.

With Grey Smoke Media’s Premium SEO services, you eliminate the guesswork and save time on conducting extensive research and content creation. This leaves you more time and energy to focus on your field of expertise, which is legally representing your clients and winning cases. 

Devise Your SEO Strategy With Grey Smoke Media Today

Having trouble nailing down your SEO campaign? Grey Smoke Media might be the SEO agency you need. Our years of extensive experience and premium SEO services can assist you in yielding positive search engine results and gaining more qualified leads. Contact us today to book a consultation. 

FAQs on SEO Agencies for Law Firms

Most commonly, SEO experts track five key performance indicators (KPIs):

  1. Google rankings and click volume for relevant industry keywords
  2. Increase in organic web traffic
  3. Increase in website conversions from organic page visitors
  4. Increase in referral traffic and conversions
  5. Improvement in your local SEO presence

The SEO process, in a nutshell, has four core steps:

  1. Organize your SEO technical factors
  2. Search for a keyword target
  3. Generate an optimized page
  4. Link building

Google prioritizes the overall user experience, and the loading speed of a web page plays a significant factor. This is why most SEO experts agree that page speed is the most critical factor in SEO.

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