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Private Jet Marketing

Booking tickets from a commercial airline would be the usual option when one needs to fly from one place to another. However, many large businesses, organizations, and wealthy individuals prefer the comfort a privately chartered airline offers.

The private jet industry caters to a niche clientele more than the general public. Private airline services were especially popular during the pandemic when governments restricted commercial flights.

Since private airlines cater to a smaller market, you must focus on attracting and retaining a consistent customer base. You need a solid marketing strategy to achieve this, and agencies like Grey Smoke Media can help.

The Private Jet Market

Private jets are often a marker of wealth. After all, we see news of celebrities and businesspeople vacationing and traveling worldwide on private aircraft. Private jets offer several benefits, such as being able to travel on your schedule and making long-distance travel more convenient.

The demand for private flights increased during the pandemic, especially for high-net-worth individuals and businesses. One factor is the restrictions implemented on commercial flights. 

However, analysts believe the private jet industry will continue growing despite inflation and high fuel prices. The global business jet market reached $25.87 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a rate of 4.06 percent until 2029.

Due to the material resources and staffing required to run a private aviation company, booking a private aircraft is expensive. For this reason, private jet companies can still turn a profit despite their relatively small market.

However, it can be challenging to stay competitive, especially as prices continue to rise. For this reason, a robust marketing strategy would be to your company’s advantage. Contact Grey Smoke Media today to learn how you can craft a marketing strategy for your private jet business.

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Grey Smoke Media is North America’s only full-service private jet marketing firm, offering:

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We elevate private jet companies to the highest echelon through a multi-pronged, unified approach

Benefits of a Private Jet Marketing Strategy

Marketing involves various practices that businesses and organizations employ to attract an audience. It is a fundamental practice in several industries, and private aviation companies can reap its benefits through a comprehensive strategy. 

Here are some benefits a well-crafted and executed marketing strategy can offer your private airline company. Talk to Grey Smoke Media today to learn more about what marketing strategies suit your business and their potential benefits.

Manages your reputation

Your company’s reputation is everything, especially when running a luxury-oriented business like a private airline. Maintaining a good reputation for your business can help you attract more clients and business partners, as it indicates your trustworthiness and authority.

Projecting a positive image through marketing is especially important in today’s business landscape. Many potential clients will look your brand up online or consult their networks before making decisions.

A marketing strategy helps your airline company project the best image possible to possible clients and customers. Exploring various marketing channels like social media, paid advertising, blogs, and many others helps you build an attractive brand image.

Aside from creating a positive image for your private jet company, a marketing strategy also equips you with tools and techniques to manage negative attention. Large companies often utilize brand monitoring techniques to ensure their reputation remains positive.

Increases sales

The primary goal of marketing a business is to gain more customers. It gets your company’s name out there and into people’s minds. As a result, they would be more likely to go to your airline whenever they need a private flight. 

More eyes on your business can encourage people to do business with you. 

However, marketing does more than get you new customers. It also allows you to continue connecting with existing and past customers. A good marketing strategy can give you a consistent customer base and improve your relationship with them.

Improves market knowledge

Part of creating a marketing strategy is conducting market research. This process allows you to know your customers and competitors. 

Understanding your customers helps you stage marketing campaigns targeting your audience’s interests and needs. You’d know what language and visuals you can use to get them to book a flight with you. 

Competitor research is another part of creating a marketing plan. This process helps you understand their strengths and weaknesses. The insights you glean from your research can help you tweak your marketing strategies or service offerings to stand out.

Allows precise customer targeting

A marketing plan allows you to choose channels and produce materials that resonate with your target audience. You can further segment your target audience into specific groups where you can personalize your marketing strategies.

Many modern marketing platforms also come with tools that automatically target specific groups and demographics, depending on your marketing goals.

Optimizes marketing spend

Good resource management is crucial to running a successful private jet charter. Each aspect of your business comes with costs, and allocating resources helps you avoid waste and maximize profits.

Planning your marketing strategy allows you to delegate resources appropriately to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI). Considering your options and wisely spending resources can help you boost their benefits.

Fosters effective collaboration

Most marketing strategies, especially for large or luxury companies, often require a team effort. Several people must work together effectively to execute each step of the marketing plan.

Part of strategizing includes assigning tasks and responsibilities to the right people. A strategy helps delegate tasks to ensure all parties understand and perform their jobs well.

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elite class”

Elements of Private Jet Marketing

Marketing is a broad term that encompasses several different efforts and channels. As technology and media develop, more marketing platforms have become available for businesses to use. 

While one platform can be effective, using multiple marketing elements to maximize your resources and reach more people is best. They can play to each others’ strengths and contribute to their results.

Here are some elements of private jet marketing your company may want to explore for a more comprehensive strategy. Look at Grey Smoke Media’s service offerings to see what methods you might need to employ.

Design and branding

Branding is essential to establishing a strong business. It goes beyond a simple logo and other visual elements. While design aspects and physical characteristics are crucial, branding involves your audience’s expectations and beliefs about your business.

All marketing efforts need to stem from a firmly established brand. The marketing materials you publish and advertise must adhere to your brand identity. Using consistent visual elements and messaging helps your brand become more recognizable as an industry identity.

Search engine optimization

Nowadays, many consumers use search engines to find businesses to support. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you capitalize on this practice and bring your brand to your audiences’ attention.

SEO involves various processes and strategies to help companies rank higher on search engine results pages. The more visible your private jet company is on these results pages, the higher your chances of attracting new clients.

Social media

Social media has been one of the most popular marketing tools in recent years. A recent Hubspot report found it was the number one marketing channel in 2022.

What makes social media so special? A social media presence can help aviation companies connect directly with their audience. It’s an excellent way to showcase your brand’s personality and engage with customers. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other advertising and marketing channels.

Content marketing

While advertising has its benefits, there are also other ways to promote your business without being too direct. Content marketing is one of these strategies.

Content marketing covers various formats that allow you to inform and educate audiences while attracting them to your business. You can explore formats like blog articles, videos, infographics, and other media to communicate your message.

This type of marketing can help establish your private jet company as an industry authority and promote brand awareness.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become a mainstream marketing tool in recent years — collaborating with one can help you reach thousands or millions of people. 

Influencers can help you target specific audiences and increase your brand awareness. While numbers are an excellent factor, working with someone with an established audience similar to your target is critical. Influencer marketing helps you reach your targets more effectively through someone your audience trusts and supports.

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Public relations

Building people’s trust is vital in growing and strengthening your brand. One way to accomplish this goal is through public relations.

Public relations involves sharing information and content to influence public perception and build positive relationships. Your company can use PR to make announcements, disseminate information, and manage crises.

PR professionals often work with various media platforms like newspapers, news sites, magazines, broadcasts, and other media to reach specific goals.

Media buys

Media buying often covers traditional advertising methods. It involves purchasing advertising spots on various media channels to promote your private aviation business. This process also includes strategizing and choosing channels to reach one’s target audience.

Your company can secure advertising spots on traditional media channels like television, outdoor, print, and radio. Digital media channels such as websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and streaming services are also popular.

Relationship marketing

Relationships are crucial in business and can provide you with resources to further grow your enterprise. Aside from cultivating client and customer relationships, your private jet company should also develop relationships with other businesses.

Building relationships with adjacent companies and industries can help sustain your client base, especially in the luxury industry. For example, you can work with hotels, resorts, and other businesses that may need your services and vice versa.

Event marketing

Networking is an excellent way to build professional relationships in any industry. You can build relationships with potential clients and partners in several ways. Events are one of them.

Event marketing refers to the practice of organizing presentations, conferences, or other events to connect with customers and partners.

While online channels can also be effective in networking, in-person events allow you to connect directly with high-net-worth individuals and potential clients. A well-organized event can leave you with a loyal and growing customer base.

We have secured links for our clients on some of the largest media outlets in the world. This marriage of traditional PR outreach and SEO has resulted in an indisputable and inimitable advantage for our clients.

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How To Create a Private Jet Marketing Strategy

Going in blind to any new process rarely comes with positive results. This observation can be especially true when dealing with the resources and clients that a private jet company has.

Marketing your private jet company requires planning and strategizing to increase your chances of success. A well-crafted and executed strategy can lead to new clients, better brand recognition, and overall business growth.

Different companies can have varying strategies, especially as every business is unique. However, here are some critical steps in creating a marketing strategy for your private jet company. Contact Grey Smoke Media today to help you make yours.

1. Create a marketing plan

Is a marketing plan different from a marketing strategy? A marketing strategy can be a more general document that covers the reasons for your company’s allocation of resources, the actions you may need to take, and the goals you want to achieve. 

On the other hand, a marketing plan builds on these foundations and can be more specific as to the logistics you need to achieve your goals. It can be more comprehensive and identify details like budgets, schedules, and marketing channels.

A good marketing plan can significantly enhance your overall strategy throughout the year.

2. Know your audience

It’s likely you already have a good idea of who your target clients are. Most private jet clients are often high-net-worth individuals or large businesses. Still, it’s essential to be as specific as possible in this step. Knowing your audience can help you create a more effective marketing strategy.

One way to achieve the required specificity is by creating buyer personas. A buyer persona represents your company’s target customer. You can name your buyer persona, give them a job, and detail their needs and motivations.

You can then use this buyer persona as a reference. Keep them top of mind when deciding what kind of marketing materials and strategies to use.

3. Understand the industry

Aside from your target customers, knowing other players in the industry is essential. Understanding your competitors can help give you an edge in your field. 

Take a look at the marketing practices of other private jet companies. What platforms are they using? How are they obtaining their clients? What are the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing strategies?

Consider your indirect competitors as well. Private jets are rarely necessary, so you need to strengthen your strategy and make your brand attractive to clients. Are your target clients spending their money on other luxury products or services? What can you do to attract their patronage better?

4. Set goals

Every marketing strategy requires concrete and measurable goals. Your corresponding marketing plan would then reflect actions to help you achieve them. These goals should also align with your private jet company’s overall goals.

Common marketing goals include increased brand awareness, gaining a specific number of new clients, or clinching new business partnerships. Setting clear goals can also make assessments of your marketing efforts easier.

5. Identify appropriate channels

There are several platforms where you can stage marketing campaigns. While there is no limit to how many platforms you can use, it’s essential to select the more effective ones to reach your target audience.

Do your research on each marketing platform and its user demographics. For example, if your target audience includes high-net-worth individuals and businesses, you would have better chances of reaching them via LinkedIn than TikTok.

6. Select your tools

Various tools are available to automate some marketing processes or make them more manageable. Identify your needs and explore the market for known solutions. Different ones are available according to your chosen marketing channels or tasks you plan to accomplish. 

For example, you can use social media scheduling apps for your business’s accounts. If you’re staging an email marketing campaign, email schedulers and pre-built templates can make the process easier.

From an operational standpoint, you can also explore software solutions for project management, accounting, and communication, to name a few.  

7. Review your media assets

Look at your existing media and find what you can use to execute your marketing plan. You can divide them into three categories: paid, owned, and earned media.

Paid media refers to channels where you spend money to attract an audience, such as traditional and digital advertising platforms. Owned media includes content you create, like blogs, photos, videos, and infographics. Earned media covers user-generated content from your community.

After reviewing your existing media, you can add ones you still need or exclude ones that no longer serve your strategy. 

8. Plan media campaigns

Your marketing plan or strategy can consist of staging multiple campaigns. These campaigns can be specific to certain channels or a particular period. 

Assess your current campaigns and determine the necessary changes to achieve your strategy’s goals. You can add to them or stage a new campaign with different objectives.

9. Create a strategy document

A strategy document covers a more extended period (usually 12 months) that outlines the steps and teams necessary to achieve specific goals. Think of it as a comprehensive timeline of your company’s marketing efforts throughout the year.

This document will act as a guide for each of your marketing plans and campaigns. Come back to it periodically to assess your performance and progress.

Grey Smoke Media
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Having worked with many brands in Canada, however, Jordan Whelan, president of Toronto-based Grey Smoke Media, doubts that his clients would embrace a programmatic exchange for podcast ads.
“Media buyers and marketing companies don’t want to stray from what’s working,” he said. As a media buyer for major Canadian brands, Whelan said that many are skeptical compared to similar media, such as radio.

I spoke to Jordan Whelan, Toronto Media Buyer at Grey Smoke Media and client of mine, who builds customized media campaigns. According to him, “ I’ve tested campaigns on Twitter that received more clicks but resulted in low conversions. Facebook capitalized on user psychology in a way that reached your target customer, despite the higher CPC.”

Featured in The Toronto Star

“‘We’ll get a client a media hit in a major news outlet and then also parlay that into getting them on page one of Google,’ he says, collaborating with search-engine-optimization experts in tandem.”

Read the full feature here >

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Choosing a Marketing Agency for Your Private Jet Business

If your company doesn’t have a marketing team or needs some assistance, you can work with an external marketing agency. These agencies often work with various businesses and assist in their marketing efforts.

Settling with one marketing agency can be challenging with so many currently operating. Consider these factors when deciding what agency you work with or hire.


Marketing strategies are a significant investment. Ask your prospective firms about their rates. Working with an agency with rates that fit your budget is essential. Ideally, they should be able to provide you with a quote considering your business’s needs.


Given the nature of the private aviation industry, high-quality service is essential. Ask your prospects about their marketing experience. What companies have they worked with in the past? How successful were their campaigns? 

Take time to ask them about their strategies and methods. The agency should be able to provide you with accurate information and concrete steps that make a successful marketing campaign or strategy.

You can also look at client testimonials or speak with companies that have previously worked with them. They can help you form a more accurate picture of the agency’s style and expertise.


Aside from general marketing experience, hiring a firm that has previously worked within your industry is also a good idea. Industry-specific expertise can be beneficial, as they already know the intricacies of your field.


Creating and implementing marketing plans and strategies is a challenging process. Therefore, the agency must have the staffing, tools, and other resources to plan and execute the strategy.

Cultural fit

An agency could tick most of your boxes, but something may still feel off. You will be working closely with your marketing agency for a specific period. For this reason, choosing an agency that fits your work and communication style is essential.

Contact Grey Smoke Media today to see how we communicate with clients when creating and executing powerful marketing campaigns.

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Make Your Conversions Soar Through Private Jet Marketing

Marketing luxury services like private jets can be a different beast compared to more commercial businesses. However, considering your company’s unique needs, a well-crafted strategy can lead to a strong and growing client base.

Grey Smoke Media has had extensive experience and success working with high-profile clients. Our agency can help you explore different marketing channels and create strategies that attract your ideal clients. Contact us today for a comprehensive consultation.

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FAQs on Private Jet Marketing

Rates for marketing agencies can differ depending on the types of services you require. Some can work on hourly rates, while others need monthly retainers. The industry can also affect your rates. Private jet marketing may cost more than traditional commercial marketing, as it is a luxury industry.

A marketing mix is a preliminary document identifying the product/service, price, place, and promotion. You can expand this document into a more comprehensive strategy.

For private aviation companies, the product will likely be a private flight. The price is how much you charge. The place will be where clients can book your services, such as a website or office. Promotion will cover the channels you use to market your product.

You can find a private jet marketing agency or consultant through various channels. These channels can include marketing agency directories or referrals from your professional networks.

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