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SEO for Real Estate Lawyers

In Canada, national home sales had a month-over-month increase of 1.3 percent in December 2022. The statistics show that more Canadians are buying properties today. This increase poses new opportunities for real estate lawyers since people buying new homes might need legal help.

Unfortunately, most lawyers struggle to reach new clients because of their limited marketing efforts. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a potential solution for lawyers who want to promote their legal services to potential clients. This article outlines what real estate law firms need to know about SEO.

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How SEO Can Benefit Real Estate Law Firms

How SEO can benefit Real Estate Law Firms
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One mistake that real estate law firms make is neglecting their digital marketing efforts. If your law firm is making this mistake, your organization is missing out on a crucial source of new clients.

From September to November last year, Google had 8.13 billion unique visitors every month, making it the most popular website worldwide. The numbers highlight how vital it is for businesses, law firms included, to boost their online presence and rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). Read on to discover the advantages of optimizing your real estate law firm’s website and content for Google search.

Generate more traffic through blogs

Some lawyers forget that legal content should be engaging. If you want to boost the visibility of your website, you must use your blog to provide valuable content that your audience will enjoy reading. 

With SEO, you can identify relevant, low-competition keywords that you can use in your blogs. This content can attract potential clients using the same keywords to look for legal services you can provide.

Some content ideas for real estate law firms include the following:

  • Complete guides about real estate law
  • How-to guides
  • Localized practice area pages
  • FAQ pages that answer common client questions
  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Interviews with real estate professionals
  • Local event announcements

Establish your firm as an authority in real estate law

By investing in SEO, you will have a way to establish your law firm as an expert in real estate in your city. This advantage can help cement your firm as a legal authority in the industry. 

Since SEO encourages you to Increase your online content, you solidify the idea in your readers’ minds that you are an authority in real estate. 

If you are top-of-mind for handling real estate, your current clients will be more likely to refer your services to other potential clients. Prospective clients will also be more likely to agree to an initial consultation if you build a solid reputation online.

Moreover, by improving your online presence, you show other industry professionals that your law firm is trustworthy and reputable. A more prominent online presence also opens new partnerships and opportunities with new clients.

Collect positive client reviews online

Positive client reviews are crucial if you want a successful SEO strategy. If someone sees your law firm online and reads the positive experiences of past clients, they may feel more encouraged to work with you.

You want to be proactive in collecting client reviews and highlighting them to potential clients. This strategy can help improve your online reputation, which can help boost conversions.

Positive reviews online show readers that they can trust your law firm and you can provide high-quality services.

Moreover, if you have more positive feedback than a local competitor, you can outrank them easily. Potential clients will be more likely to choose your firm over other companies with negative or no reviews.

Get more attention to your Google My Business profile

One part of SEO strategy should be optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Optimizing your profile gives you a higher chance of getting included in the local pack that Google recommends to searchers.

By using Google My Business effectively, you can reach users relevant to your legal niche. For example, if a potential client looks up “real estate lawyer,” you could appear at the top of the results because you optimized your GMB page.

Through Google, potential clients can learn more about your real estate law practice, visit your site, and contact you.

Another advantage of having a strong GMB page is it provides an easy way to show potential clients the following information about your law firm:

  • Company photos
  • A basic description of your legal services
  • Contact information
  • Your address
  • Reviews
  • Hours of operation
  • Common busy times
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your business

This advantage makes it easy for law firms to get valuable information to potential clients. With an updated GMB page, searchers do not have to scour the internet for contact details or other relevant information about your company.

Additionally, Google My Business has an insights tab, which businesses can use to understand their audience better. This feature also helps users optimize their digital marketing strategy since they can see how searchers interact with their pages.

The tab has three main sections: visibility, engagement, and audience. 

  • The visibility section shows the number of views a company’s profile, photos, and posts have.
  • The engagement section shows how people interact with a law firm’s posts through clicks, shares, and comments.
  • The audience section provides a breakdown of the demographics of a law firm’s followers.

Using the information from this feature, real estate lawyers can determine what works and what does not. This advantage can make it easy for them to improve their SEO approach.

The advantages of an effective SEO campaign extend far beyond driving website traffic and improving brand awareness. Through SEO, lawyers could get high-paying clients and receive invites to industry events. They can also get their names in legal publications, which can do wonders for a lawyer’s reputation.

If you need help developing a solid SEO strategy, Grey Smoke Media can help. Our premium SEO services ensure benefits beyond basic media exposure.

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Having worked with many brands in Canada, however, Jordan Whelan, president of Toronto-based Grey Smoke Media, doubts that his clients would embrace a programmatic exchange for podcast ads.
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I spoke to Jordan Whelan, Toronto Media Buyer at Grey Smoke Media and client of mine, who builds customized media campaigns. According to him, “ I’ve tested campaigns on Twitter that received more clicks but resulted in low conversions. Facebook capitalized on user psychology in a way that reached your target customer, despite the higher CPC.”

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SEO Ranking Factors Lawyers Need to Know

To create an effective SEO strategy, real estate lawyers must know the factors that they have to consider. There are three categories lawyers must consider when optimizing for search: on-page, off-page, and local SEO.

On-page SEO

On-site or on-page SEO is the practice of optimizing the content and other elements on a company’s website. The goal is to make changes so content can rank higher and earn more traffic from search engines. Below are the following elements involved in on-page SEO:

  • High-quality and relevant content

Today, digital marketing success relies on the content on the pages of your website. Remember that your content influences your Google ranking in significant ways. 

First, high-quality content encourages readers to engage with your website more. It also keeps readers on your website longer since they will take the time to read your posts. 

Google monitors how visitors interact with your web pages. If more visitors are engaging with your content, search engines will deem your content relevant.

The length of your content and the keywords on your page are also crucial. They play a significant role in telling Google about your page and how much information it has on a particular topic. 

  • Internal linking

Internal links help visitors discover other related pages on your website, which keeps them on your website longer. A good internal linking structure also increases the probability that potential clients will contact your law firm.

Your company’s internal links can also affect how search engines view your website. For example, if a page has a lot of internal links linking to it, Google will consider the page as one of the more important pages on the website. The page will have a higher chance of ranking high on the SERPs.

  • Title tag

The title tag is an HTML function that allows websites to give a web page a specific title. Visitors can see this title in the browser title bar and the SERPs. 

It is crucial for real estate lawyers to optimize the title tags on their websites since they play a vital role in terms of organic ranking. It is wise to keep title tags between 50 to 60 characters so they will be displayed in full on desktop or mobile pages.

  • URL

Google also factors in a web page’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL) when determining ranking. A URL specifies where a particular web page falls in a website’s hierarchy. Search engines use URLs to determine a page’s importance to a searcher’s query.

Real estate lawyers must ensure that the URLs in their websites reflect the web page’s structure. Ideally, they should also add relevant keywords to the URL.

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Off-page SEO

Off-page or off-site SEO is the optimization of various elements that impact your rankings outside your law firm’s website. Ultimately, off-page SEO aims to improve Google’s perception of the website’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

The following elements are involved in off-page SEO:

  • Reputation

With the introduction of Google Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT), reputation is now a ranking factor. This change made reputation management a vital part of SEO for law firms. 

Reputation management involves maintaining a line of communication with potential and current clients through all available channels. The process also includes addressing client concerns to earn your targeted market’s trust. This strategy can help improve your law firm’s online reputation.

You should also consider getting accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The non-profit organization provides the public with data on businesses and investigates customer complaints.

  • Social media

Another element of an off-page SEO strategy is social media promotions. This process involves establishing a strong presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Some real estate law firms use YouTube or Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their firm’s site.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks remain one of the most crucial factors Google considers when ranking websites. Backlinks are links outside your website that direct readers to your content. The more backlinks that lead to your posts, the more credible your website looks.

However, credibility is another factor that real estate lawyers must consider when building backlinks. Lawyers must focus on getting backlinks from credible sources and sites that search engines deem authoritative.

Real estate lawyers can use three types of backlinks: natural, manual, and self-created links.

  • Natural links come from any natural mentions of your law firm outside your website. For example, a blogger or a legal organization in your province links to one of your pages discussing specific real estate law.
  • Manual links come from your law firm’s deliberate link-building efforts. This process involves asking credible sites to link to your content.
  • Self-created links are backlinks from an online directory or a press release. While some of these links are natural for businesses to use, Google prefers natural and manual links.

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Local SEO

Local SEO helps your law firm be more visible in local search results on Google. If your law firm has a physical location or serves a particular geographic area, you can benefit from a local SEO strategy.

There are three factors that search engines consider when ranking local businesses: relevance, prominence, and proximity.

Relevance is based on how well a local listing matches a searcher’s query. Adding complete information about your real estate law firm can help Google understand your company and match your listing to relevant searches.

Meanwhile, prominence is based on the popularity of your law firm. If your business has positive reviews and high ratings, Google could deem it prominent and improve local ranking.

Finally, distance is based on your law firm’s location. If your law firm is the closest to a searcher’s location, you have a higher chance of getting a good local rank.

If you want more information about the elements that can affect your SEO efforts, Grey Smoke Media can help. We can provide you with solid marketing advice that can help boost your online presence.

SEO Tips for Real Estate Lawyers

SEO tips for Real Estate Lawyers
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Investing time, money, and effort in SEO can help your company’s web pages rank higher on Google and other search engines. This advantage can make it easier for potential clients to find your law firm. 

The right SEO tactics can also help you appear in more “near me” suggestions. With SEO, you can generate more organic website traffic, increase your conversions, and build your authority.

However, there is fierce competition for a space on the first page of search results. Here are a few simple yet effective SEO tips to help your law firm stand out.

Use relevant keywords for your real estate law firm

SEO starts with finding relevant keywords you think potential clients will use to look for the services you offer. For lawyers, it is wise to start with your main practice areas and then try related terms.

You can use various tools to help you identify, monitor, and optimize the keywords you want to use. Some solutions are free, while others are subscription-based. These platforms can help you track specific keyword search trends over given periods, which can help you improve your keyword research process.

Monitor your competitors

Once you have identified the keywords you want to use, type the keywords into a search engine to check where you rank compared to other law firms. Doing so can help you determine the companies you are competing with in the organic search results. It can also help you determine how you rank over time.

By knowing your competitors, you can determine what you have in common and what sets you apart from them. Visit their websites and see how they are using the keywords you also use. Check how they present their content and structure their websites.

When checking competitor websites, try to look for the following factors:

  • Does the top result have an updated blog with real estate-related articles?
  • Does the website use keywords throughout the website, including headlines and subheaders?
  • Does the website load quickly? Does the website have a user-friendly interface? 

Monitoring your competitors can give you an idea of what to improve on your law firm’s website. This strategy can help improve your company’s visibility and site’s user experience.

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We have secured links for our clients on some of the largest media outlets in the world. This marriage of traditional PR outreach and SEO has resulted in an indisputable and inimitable advantage for our clients.

Produce mobile-friendly content

In 2022, the number of people using their phones to go online reached five billion, which is 60 percent of the global internet population. The numbers indicate that most people today use their phones to access the internet. 

Real estate lawyers must keep this fact in mind when producing content for readers. A mobile-friendly site is essential for SEO since search engines consider responsive web design a significant factor in determining rankings.

As part of your SEO strategy, visit your website on different devices and see each page to see if all elements fit into the screen properly. If an image or text bleeds off the page, your website needs improvement.

Keep user experience in mind

User experience is crucial if you want visitors to stay on your law firm’s website longer and promote engagement. 

Make sure your website is intuitive to use and aesthetically pleasing. Keep speed and mobile-friendliness in mind when developing the platform. You can use free marketing tools to test mobile-friendliness and loading speeds to ensure your website provides the best possible experience for your visitors. 

If you need more valuable SEO tips, check out Grey Smoke Media. Our SEO experts can help you develop a realistic marketing roadmap to achieve the results you want for your law firm.

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Get New Real Estate Clients With Grey Smoke Media

Real estate transactions can be a stressful process for homebuyers. In some cases, they might even need legal support from law professionals.

As a real estate lawyer, you must do what you can to make it easy for potential clients to find your law firm. Doing so not only benefits your clients but can also be good for your business. By boosting your company’s online presence, you will get the attention of people who are in need of your services.

If you need to develop a strong SEO strategy for your real estate law firm’s website, visit Grey Smoke Media today. Our online marketing services help your law firm get the attention it needs to get more valuable clients.

FAQs on SEO for Real Estate Lawyers

Every real estate law firm needs an effective marketing strategy. Law firm SEO can be the best method for generating new business because it offers a highly scalable model for growing marketing efforts as needed.

Outsourcing SEO services can be a cost-effective way for real estate lawyers to get new clients. If you find a reliable SEO agency or marketing agency, you will have more time to focus on your clients since you do not have to worry about marketing. 

Real estate lawyers need effective digital marketing because it has crucial business advantages. It helps them reach the right audience and establish credibility. It can also boost brand awareness and increase conversion rates.

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