The Media Masters

Mark Cuban famously said that one of the worst mistakes a business can make is to hire a PR company. When it comes to the traditional PR agency, we actually tend to agree.

A traditional PR agency will charge you a high monthly retainer to push around a press release and contact emails that are publicly available. Frankly, it’s something you could do internally.

Grey Smoke Media was built by a group of ex-media employees who have been gatekeepers to the media. We have both the connections and insider knowledge to understand how media works and how to insert our clients into the chatter.

Traditional PR agencies cold email pitches to people who have never met them and with which they have little to no credibility. Media contacts take our call because we have over 65 years combined experience.

Our founders have contributed to over 100 newspapers, radio stations and TV stations across Canada and spoken at conference about the changing face of media. Even the media calls on us to talk about media.

“Once we secure media coverage for our clients, we leverage it, instead of just leaving it to fade away.”

  • Tailor made messages that stick and organically multiply
  • Media hits that are optimized to simultaneously boost you to page 1 of Google
  • Creative messaging that lives through multiple media cycles (instead of the usual 1 month blast)
  • High level media training and favourable coverage


Ex-Media Gurus:

We are the backdoor to the world of media.


The keys and controls are held by our friends, former colleagues and associates.

Proficient Pitching:

We work with media, not against it. Our messages are sexy, eye-catching and click worthy.

Easy Does It

We stagger media coverage over multiple months to deliver consistent deal flow.

The “Boost”

Each media hit blasts through 100’s of social media and digital channels to grab new ears and eyeballs.