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Law Firm Marketing

End to End Solutions for
Law Firms

Grey Smoke Media is North America’s only full-service legal marketing firm, offering:

Media Buying

radio, tv, Out of Home

Digital Marketing

with a heavy focus on SEO

Content Production

Reputation Management

Management Consulting

We elevate law firms to the highest echelon through a multi-pronged, unified approach.
Jordan Power

Our Results

Grey Smoke
Media grew an
injury firm

from less than
30 employees

to over
350 employees

Tripled a divorce
firm’s traffic in just

11 months

3 xgrowth

Our agency has
handled international

for over
$3 billion in class action lawsuits.

Our agency has
negotiated legal ad

with over
100different publishers across North America.

Grey Smoke Media has
negotiated brand
partnerships between law
firms and major sporting franchises such as

Our founders
have provided
to over

television and radio
stations, podcasts, and
newspapers globally.

They have given speeches
on digital marketing to over

Need more referrals today? It’s a constant cycle of struggle: law firms must provide high-quality legal services for referrals. That way, clients would be happy to recommend your firm to their inner circle of family, friends, and coworkers. But how can you provide service if there aren’t clients in the first place?

At Grey Smoke Media, we recognize the deep gap between legal services and clients who need help claiming compensation, employment contracts, or filing for child custody. Despite these needs, demand for legal services continues to spiral down.

Law firms must face multiple setbacks, with a 3.6 percent decline in profits per lawyer (quarter over quarter). Firms must go beyond traditional marketing channels to stir client base growth in their lawyers’ favor. Our seasoned marketers and PR experts can guide you to ensure that your firm’s website is optimized for potential clients searching online.

Or, if you opt to gain a strategic position within the first page of the search engine results and be closer to your potential clients, you can go for media buying and pay-per-click options. You can select marketing strategies and platforms that fit your budget and goals. You can also combine them so your firm gets a combination of sustainable outcomes that can only be generated by consistent messaging and a laser focus on the appropriate law firm marketing metrics.

Marketing strategies are here for something other than retail or e-commerce stores. No new business has the monopoly of optimizing client searches on legal services. Law firm marketing, including search engine optimization, complements traditional marketing channels, such as referrals, yellow pages, and ads.

So when communicating with your target audience, let Grey Smoke Media do the heavy lifting. Let’s talk about your law firm’s marketing plan today.

Why Invest in Law Firm Marketing?

Without a marketing plan in place, building a client network can be a slow and, sometimes, futile process. With more threats to businesses that provide legal services, law firms can only afford to take their chance with qualified marketers.

Poor marketing decisions from lack of consistency or focus on the wrong KPIs result in substantial loss. In worse scenarios, it might even cause harm to your law firm’s image and client trust. Regarding marketing, law firms don’t need to settle for low-quality services.

Sticking to the status quo isn’t recommended either. When firms ignore data that supports search engine optimization or earned media, law firms cannot capture the attention of people who go to Google and other search engines to find legal advice.

Law firms that refuse to embrace relevant network technologies cannot leverage the social media platforms’ capability to connect them with potential clients. Law firms must obtain valuable brand mentions from trusted influencers who guide clients to the proper law firms.

Grey Smoke Media
in the Press

Jordan Whelan, a spokesperson for Diamond Lawyers and president of public relations agency Grey Smoke Media, told the Star Thursday night that “after consulting with counsel, we will be appealing the decision.”

Having worked with many brands in Canada, however, Jordan Whelan, president of Toronto-based Grey Smoke Media, doubts that his clients would embrace a programmatic exchange for podcast ads.
“Media buyers and marketing companies don’t want to stray from what’s working,” he said. As a media buyer for major Canadian brands, Whelan said that many are skeptical compared to similar media, such as radio.

I spoke to Jordan Whelan, Toronto Media Buyer at Grey Smoke Media and client of mine, who builds customized media campaigns. According to him, “ I’ve tested campaigns on Twitter that received more clicks but resulted in low conversions. Facebook capitalized on user psychology in a way that reached your target customer, despite the higher CPC.”

Featured in The Toronto Star

“‘We’ll get a client a media hit in a major news outlet and then also parlay that into getting them on page one of Google,’ he says, collaborating with search-engine-optimization experts in tandem.”

Read the full feature here >

Political clients (say John Tory for Mayor campaign) and leading law firms, including Personal Injury
Powerhouse and Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, trust Grey Smoke Media.

Inconsistent messaging or not committing to a strategy

Law firms get their desired results after some time, regardless of the selected marketing tool or channel. Meeting marketing metrics requires consistency in both strategy and brand messaging. This is the solid foundation through which law firms can expect higher returns.

Brand messaging is essential in keeping your law firm connected with potential clients. Content like blogs can attract these clients to your legal services. Also, law firms can use several marketing channels, but only the primary strategy should tie everything into one marketing plan. Firms must commit to this strategy and avoid drastically adjusting whenever the expected results aren’t accomplished.

Law firms need to work closely with the marketing agency to understand their campaigns’ duration and likely trajectory over a specified period. They also need to be open about external factors impacting the campaign performance.

The Marketing Agency of Canada’s Largest Personal Injury Firm


Many Focus on the wrong metric

Image by Alena Darmel on Pexels
Image by Alena Darmel on Pexels

Often, law firms that work with an in-house agency or a marketing agency seem to only see poor outcomes due to unrealistic marketing goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Another factor is that firms need to focus more on the right metric.

With a marketing partner, you can envision the results that make the most sense for your law firm. So if your online marketing campaign goes off tangent, as seen in your KPIs, you can pivot or tweak it to get better results.

Law firms can choose a select number of KPIs to gauge their marketing strategy’s performance. These indicators may include the average fees per client, keyword rankings, number of client testimonials, or cost per acquisition (CPA).

CPA is useful for understanding the cost of getting a client through your law firm’s marketing funnel (e.g., awareness, research, conversion). This cost is derived through a client’s actions, like clicking a link, purchasing, or filling out a form.

Get back on the right track with the correct performance indicators with the help of Grey Smoke Media.

“Marketing tactics of the
elite class”

Low returns from subpar marketing services

It’s virtually impossible to expect a return on investment (ROI) with subpar marketing services. Unfortunately, this is the reality of many law firms that want to save on marketing costs without researching marketing agencies properly.

Grey Smoke Media has worked with several law firms. Being transparent has made our legal marketing services valuable for new and past clients. Media managers must provide timely follow-up meetings to ensure that all questions are answered.

The agency understands how busy lawyers and law firms can be, so they don’t waste their time with unnecessary jargon. Law firms are empowered to decide which marketing channels to keep by providing reports on measurable marketing outcomes.

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Elevate Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

A law firm marketing strategy is essential for firms of any size or practice area. It’s a roadmap for deploying selected marketing services: SEO, media buying, digital discourse marketing, PPC, earned media, and consultation.

The law firm’s strategy needs to consider budget or maintain online directories. It needs to be rooted in the potential clients’ interests. They are looking for law firms that can respond to emails and calls within one business day. They expect free initial consults and to receive a digestible walkthrough of the legal process.

Clients value a law firm that respects new clients and conveys confidence when discussing the following steps and tackling questions. Furthermore, client expectations revolve around a range of options, from using a credit card for payment to getting an appointment.

Law firms should only email marketing campaigns and provide clear, concise answers to client questions. The sophisticated marketing strategy fails when its marketing team fails to weave the law firm clients’ stories into the core. Our marketing agency customizes its services to the needs of law firms, using tried-and-tested services:

  • SEO increases rankings and online visibility through content and on-page elements (e.g., meta titles).
  • Media buying and pay-per-click campaigns help firms get close to the client’s radar, no matter the platform.
  • Digital discourse marketing and consulting push firms to reach optimal client awareness.
  • Reinforce positive client experience and encourage new clients to reach out to your firm through earned media.

Our leading-edge software program makes monitoring SEO, social media, and PPC campaigning easier, so firms can get updated about their campaign’s performance.

Discover the best strategies for your firm with Grey Smoke Media.

“major legal and political

Boost online visibility with search engine optimization

Image by Luke Chesser on Unsplash
Image by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Online visibility isn’t only about sleek web structure. It also involves ranking high in relevant keywords, often derived from the firm’s practice area. These keywords fuel your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, ensuring prospective clients can find your law firm online.

Before firms can reach their target audience, they must go through a wave of bad players. Agencies and SEO specialists without any experience optimizing for law practice promise increasing site rankings fast. Our approach involves performing a comprehensive analysis of your competitor’s SEO strategies.

This competitor insight feeds a realistic roadmap that involves content marketing, backlinks, and tracking the law firm’s SEO stats. Plus, you can combine SEO with other marketing campaigns, so your firm stays top of mind when new clients seek legal assistance.

Our Founders
Have Been Featured In

Zoom in on your target market through media buying

Law firms looking to introduce themselves to the community often need help finding a fitting ad space. Years of experience in media buying help us pinpoint the suitable ad space on digital and offline platforms so law firms can anticipate optimized performance from:

  • Website
  • YouTube
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Out-of-home advertising

Matching the unique offerings of these platforms with your law firm’s marketing goals marks a step in the right direction. Our agency fully supports your marketing efforts, including tracking ad performance in terms of brand awareness, meaningful impressions, and organic traffic.

This bespoke service involves making the necessary adjustments to scale up the positive performance of these ads. To sustain this growth, agency retainers are priced at a flat rate.

“Legal marketing powerhouse”

Increase brand awareness with digital discourse marketing

Your law firm has a unique brand, but it takes an essential marketing service to channel this one-of-a-kind attribute to prospective clients. With digital discourse marketing, clients are invited to participate in a consistent conversation with your law firm’s brand.

Typical legal marketing focuses on word-of-mouth, but this approach can take a long time. Optimizing your law firm website helps build the right momentum. A combination of technical search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing can attract high-quality backlinks and leads. Clients looking for lawyers in their city can access your firm, so it’s essential to keep updated contact information in your firm’s Google Business Profile.

Our agency can help you leverage the power of social media marketing. Whether it’s a big or small law firm, social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, can provide an avenue for initiating and developing client relationships.

If you choose our law firm SEO, we can curate social media posts to match your target audience. This approach can guide people back to your law firm site, effectively boosting the site’s rankings.

Our Testimonials

“Grey Smoke Media is exceptional and in a league of its own. Jordan has played a pivotal role in our explosive growth over the past decade. His raw creativity is inspiring.”

Jeremy Diamond
Senior Partner,Diamond and Diamond Lawyers

“Grey Smoke Media took me from 50 keywords on page one to over 250, more than doubling my traffic, in just 8 months. They are more than an agency. They are a business partner that I can depend on at 10pm on a Sunday. Their work is beyond reproach.

Barry Nussbaum
Owner of Nussbaum Family Law

“In short, Grey Smoke Media is outstanding. We came to them with a reputation management problem that two other agencies failed to solve and they had a custom plan to us in 24 hours. They played an enormous role in our 2021 revenue rebound and we are forever grateful.”

publicly traded pharmaceutical company

“Fantastic work”

Thomas Grajek
Criminal Defense Attorney

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Get close to your clients with a pay-per-click campaign

Capture your client’s interest by showing up whenever they seek legal services. Pay-per-click advertising allows your law firm to appear at the top of the results page.

As the name suggests, advertisers pay for this marketing tactic when a potential client clicks the organization’s Google Ad. Our agency can help create an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with target keywords tested and optimized for mobile and desktop ads.

Some law firms attempted to do PPC in-house, but only a few got good results. This is because behind its ruthless efficiency are many details and leg work. For one, a PPC marketer needs to be able to look at target keywords and bid for those keywords.

A marketer must narrow the target location to a particular postal code if you need a specific demographic to click on your ads. It’s about being able to zone in on a potential client’s site, legal services that they may need, and the subsequent legal steps they are opting for.

With this requiring so much effort, law firms will likely regain their investments with quality leads.

Our Clients
Have Been Featured In

Get your law firm name out with earned media

Once you’ve established your legal practice in the community, you can reinforce your client relationships and encourage new clients through earned media. Our agency can offer a monthly retainer that includes multi-tiered coverage (e.g., broadcast or podcast).

As an organic promotion, earned media is highly effective because clients trust friends and family for referrals. However, it requires significant effort and a good rapport with publishers. Earned media includes appearing on online review sites and social media influencer posts.

A significant percentage of people seeking local services read online reviews. Brands love review sites because review content incites decisions. Your law firm can build a better image through several positive reviews on your legal services. This raises the odds of being contracted for a legal service.

Your firm should opt for the top three review sites: Avvo,, and Martindale-Hubbell. Avvo features law firm profiles and peer endorsements, while houses reviews of more than one million lawyers in the country. But the gold standard of lawyer reviews is Martindale-Hubbell with its three peer review ratings.

We have secured links for our clients on some of the largest media outlets in the world. This marriage of traditional PR outreach and SEO has resulted in an indisputable and inimitable advantage for our clients.

Complement your marketing activities with consulting

Part of every business development is auditing the law firm’s marketing plan. This is the most convenient way to avoid marketing campaigns that no longer work. Eventually, that marketing budget can go to campaigns supporting lead generation and hitting new metrics.

Unfortunately, PR and communications consulting are one of the underrated marketing services in the legal industry. Some law firms dismiss this service’s value, while others think such services are only available for the largest law firms.

The legal practice world’s outliers welcome the challenge of determining what to do next after consultations. These firms dominate the blogging, social media, and big news platforms with thought-leadership content. This approach enables firms to position themselves as go-to experts in key practice areas and industries.

Our communications consulting provides exhaustive auditing, guiding your law firm to measurable outcomes and actionable next steps.

“highly sought-after”

Boost Your Client Reach With Grey Smoke Media

Top-tier law firm marketing has great potential to help you capture prospective clients online. With Grey Smoke Media, you can amplify your law firm’s voice—and bridge the gap between essential legal services and new clients.

Increase your client reach. Select law firm marketing services that can funnel timely legal advice on your selected social media platforms. Craft a content marketing strategy that communicates the value of your service through traditional channels (e.g., case studies), new platforms (e.g., webinars and podcasts), or a combination of both.

In addition, our agency can help you achieve your marketing goals and remain compliant with rules regarding advertising. The marketing team is well versed with the American Bar Association (ABA) Rule 7.2 on Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services and state-specific rules. An example of the latter is Florida’s Rule 4-7.12(a)(2), which requires lawyers to include an actual office location in the city, town, or county where they provide the advertised legal services.

FAQs on Law Firm Marketing

Share engaging content with your target market, including relevant legal news concerning your practice area, interesting cases or verdicts, and legal resources.

Marketing experts advise selecting channels that meet the company’s strategic objectives and enable brand messages to resonate well with their target groups.

Law firms can build backlinks through their community involvement, sponsorships, and providing legal commentary on local news platforms. 

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