It takes a great deal of trust to give an agency carriage over your ad spend. There are so many moving parts that are often overlooked in the media buying space.

At the very least, Buyers and Planners should:

  • Have the ability to micro-analyze metrics;
  • Be up to speed on new products and services;
  • Know insider info about audience psychographics;
  • Negotiate deep discounted rates and bonuses;
  • Constantly optimize media buys, short & long-term strategy.


Our team of media buyers advocates tirelessly on behalf of our clients. It is our position that if you’ve earned a reputation among sales executives as being the toughest, you are providing sufficient representation. In an industry rife with kickbacks and quid pro quo, we pride ourselves on being the most authentic company in the mix.

Negotiable Payment Terms

When it comes to cash flow, we believe in trust and flexibility. We work within the client’s objectives in terms of media reimbursement, due dates and budget increases. We also institute ceilings on our fees if the client wishes or even flat rates. Many media companies will pressure a client to increase their budget to increase their management fee (often over 15%). We tell it to you straight and don’t waver.

Free PR

Did you know that public relations hits can be negotiated with a major ad spend? We’ve been advocating for this sort of invaluable exposure for years with our clients. The fact is, most major media buying agencies have never even included this in their “ask.”. Public relations hits combined with an ad spend seek to elevate the credibility of your brand. Anyone can advertise , but not everyone can generate impressions that stick.

Case Study
  • Grey Smoke Media handled all media buying and planning operations (as well as digital strategy) for one of the country’s most prominent law firms.
  • Within 3 years, the company expanded from 1 office to 13 across Ontario.
  • After micro-analyzing the target customer in terms of both demographic and psychographic, a multi-million dollar ad spend was launched in the areas of tv, digital, radio and out-ofhome which allowed the company to neutralize competitor spends and gain market share at an exponential rate.
  • Grey Smoke Media’s strong relationships with publishers allowed us to drive up to 80% savings off regular rates.
  • Year after year this client continues to slightly decrease their spend while increasing their impressions. One rep even exclaimed “I’ve never seen rates this low!”